Track Title: Kernkraft 400

Artist: Zombie Nation

Album: Kernkraft 400


Sometimes the inside of my head feels like an entire Zombie Nation.  

Oh, I don’t mean it’s as bad as Southampton on a wet day in November; all gums and giro-claimants… but, ya know?  

More the kinda day where you feel that you swam through cotton wool after a night of battering tequila to the point of being completely Dreamscape Splattered.

Awake at 4:45 courtesy of Evil & Da Boss - the mad Drum n Bass duo from across the hall and then a day of walks and climbs and runs up hills.

Book content completed and sent to printers; e-book done and just need to work out how the fuck (fucking fucking fuckety fuck) you convert it from Word to PDF to something that doesn’t make a Kindle or iPad wanna retch.

Top Dreamscape tunes including Sunbeam but… tonight… wo-o-o-oh-oh, wo-o-o-oh… and other club tune noises…

Bookending this mornings Drum & Bass with some  Vicks and Whistles.



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